Early Book Review: Rivers, Seas, and Oceans by Mack Gageldonk

Rivers, Seas, and Oceans by Mack Gageldonk  is a children's non fiction book that is currently scheduled for release on October 1 2017. Most part of our planet consist of water. This book explores the water cycle, the different types of water, and what lives in it. When you read this big book about water you get to know a lot about the most beautiful water spots on earth, and more.
Rivers, Seas, and Oceans explains the basics about the water cycle and the differences between oceans, seas, rivers, and other bodies of water. I like that it did go into some details about the differences between fresh, salt, and brackish water- and the creature that live in each one. Some of the photographs are absolutely beautiful, and I liked the intention of the book. However, some of the execution was lacking. While I normally like when books have questions for their young readers at the end of chapters, I found some of these to be forced or just not fitting well with the text. I felt that there was very little flow to the book, and the drawings did nearly as much as the real photographs did to the book. I think more photographs would have worked better than the illustrations. It could still be a useful classroom book for studying water.

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