Early Book Review: Pashmina by Nidhi Chanani

Pashmina by Nidhi Chanani is a graphic novel currently scheduled for release on October 3 2017. This book tells the story of an Indian-American girl named  Priyanka. She struggles to fit in at high school and dreams of visiting India, her mother' home country. She finds a beautiful Pashmina which transports her there, but it is much different there than it actually is. She gets her chance to finally go to India and it's not exactly how she thought it would be.

Pashmina is a much needed graphic novel, as it gives insight and an honest portrayal to what life is like to how an Indian-American girl might struggle with her dual identity, and the struggles we all face in finding ourselves and our place in the world we find ourselves in. Her desire to know about her family, and her mother's past is relatable, and adds a sense of drive and yearning to the story. I felt that the fact that her mother's reluctance to share information with Pri results in exactly what denying any teenager something this important, Pri's utter determination to have what she feels she needs. Most of the story is in black and white, but I liked how the illustrations change from the grayscale showing Pri's real life to vivid colors in the fantasy scenes. While I enjoyed the story, and that it delivers a message about women choosing their own future combined with the interest and embracing of their heritage and background, I did have some trouble follow the action of the story on occasion. It is still a wonderful read, and one I think will be an important read for many.

Pashmina is a charming read, and one that tells a story that is important and poignant.  I think this is a must buy for both public and high school libraries.

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