Early Book Review: A is for Asteroids, Z is for Zombies by Paul Lewis, Kenneth Kit Lamug

A is for Asteroids, Z is for Zombies: A Bedtime Book About the Coming Apocalypse written by Paul Lewis and illustrated by Kenneth Kit Lamug is currently scheduled for release on October 10 2017. This book is not for children, instead it is a darkly comic fable that offers visions of the apocalypse for every letter of the alphabet. Starting with a father whose son has been asking questions about global dangers, A Is for Asteroids, Z Is for Zombies takes us inside our worst fears, laughing at some and taking others seriously. With macabre verse and fantastically gory illustrations, it provides gallows humor for our doom-haunted times.
A is for Asteroids, Z is for Zombies is not for the faint of heart. It itemizes many of the troubles the world actually faces, some that are likely to come, and some that feature in many less than credible conspiracy theorist stories. I thought the images of the father reading the story in the corner of each page was amusing, and I got a kick out of his changing expressions- and how he ended up on the last page of the story. I was amused, but depressed, by the end of the book. It is entertaining while hopefully it will also encourage those that read it to make what changes they can in their own life, and local government or society. I do not recommend the book to fans of Trump and those that do not believe in or support science.

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