Early Book Review: Gruel Snarl Draws a Wild Zugthing by Jantzer Studios

Gruel Snarl Draws a Wild Zugthing by Jantzer Studios is currently scheduled for release on September 28 2017. Modeling-clay character Gruel Snarl is driving his mom zonkers! Just an ordinary kid with an extraordinary imagination, Gruel spends his days doing all kinds of things but always seems to find his way into mischief. Desperate to find something to keep Gruel out of trouble, his mom offers him paper and crayons. Find out what happens when his imagination takes an unexpected turn in this story as the main characters merge and jump right off the page.
Gruel Snarl Draws a Wild Zugthing is a fun story about an alien kid driving their mother up the wall. After being handed the tools to draw things only get worse as the creatures jump off the page. I liked that things are turned around and Gruel and the boy he draws switch roles. It leaves the book with an interesting twist leaving readers wondering who is drawing who. The artwork is interesting, with a combination of clay creatures and drawn cut outs leading the majority of the action. At first the artwork left me a little apathetic, but by the end I was a little more impressed. It was an interesting and reasonably unique story, however it still left me content but not overly impressed. I think there is definitely a market for the book, and highly imaginative kids (and their families) are likely to appreciate it the most.

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