Book Review: Rewilding: Giving Nature a Second Chance by Ann Love, Jane Drake

Rewilding: Giving Nature a Second Chance by the sister writing duo of Ann Love and Jane Drake is a children's non fiction book that is currently schedule for release on October 10 2017. Rewilding is an important environmental movement to restore habitats to their natural state in order to support native species and make room for animals to move freely. In this comprehensive look at rewilding, the authors present examples from around the world where endangered animals have been rehabilitated and returned to their natural habitats. From pandas and peregrine falcons to jaguars and wolves, the story of these animals testifies to the fact that with good management, the extinction of species can be avoided. This book also relates how cities have begun to restore nature by planting everything from tiny rooftop gardens to huge parks on disused land.

Rewilding: Giving Nature a Second Chance can be a valuable resource in classrooms, for research, or for an interesting read for anyone that is interested in the environment and wildlife. It is written for a middle grade audience, but I think teens and adults can learn from it as well. I was interested to read about rewilding, and how it is becoming more popular, or at least more well known beyond the people that already try to minimize out impact of the environment. I found the information to be well organized, accessible, and interesting. I know my daughter (my personal animal expert) will be rereading some of the sections, particularly about wolf habitats since they are her current obsession. The photographs throughout the book are full color and simply stunning. I could just browse through the book to enjoy those images. 

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