Book Review: Maggie and the Wish Fish (Magic Animal Rescue) by E.D. Baker, Lisa Manuzak

Maggie and the Wish Fish is the second book in the Magic Animal Rescue series written by E.D. Baker and illustrated by Lisa Manuzak. The first book was Maggie and the Flying Horse, which I missed. However, I was quickly able to catch on to who the characters were and what was happening even without having read the first book. 

With each day, Maggie is finding it harder and harder to get along with her step-mother and step-siblings while her father is away. It doesn't help that every time Maggie finishes cleaning laundry, flying pigs swoop in to muddy everything up and get her into trouble! One day while she's out collecting berries and her step-brother is fishing, Maggie happens to catch a magical fish herself! The fish promises to make one of her wishes come true, but only if she frees him. Maggie wants a new family more than anything, but how much faith can she put into a talking fish?

Maggie and the Wish Fish is a story that takes the legend of the magic fish and combines it with Maggie's Cinderella like homelife. I like that Maggie is well aware of the fairy tale creatures and echos around here- which might have been explained in the first book. I really enjoyed the matter of fact way she looked at the world, even when things were less than fair towards her. I also liked that the adults in the story, and the other kids, were neither all good or all bad. Just like in real life, there are those that will help others, and those that are only interested in themselves.

Maggie and the Wish Fish is a good transitional chapter book for fairy tale and animal lovers alike. I will admit that I have come to expect more from Baker, but I still think there are many young readers that will love this series.

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