Book Review: Bonnie and the Beast by Alexa Black

Bonnie and the Beast by Alexa Black is very short, I would call it a short story rather than even a novella. The Beast's castle has been lonely since an angry sorceress cursed her years ago, and resigned herself to it a long time ago. But now a woman has promised to brave the curse, and for the first time in too many years the Beast has someone to talk to—and perhaps even break the curse. But tricking people into visiting your castle isn't how you find a soulmate. And looking stranger than a werewolf doesn't help.

Bonnie and the Beast is at a bit of short erotica. The Beast is waiting for a promised girl to come to her castle and make the attempt to break a curse. I still have no idea what the beast looks like and could not even hazard a guess because five eyes and some serious claws and teeth? I felt like there was room for a bit of character growth, or at least some insight into them. There was a little bit of information on each through the story, but not enough to let me care about either. It seemed like it was an excuse to write a sex scene between a curvy girl and a female something rather than a story. I was annoyed at the length, and at the lack of character depth. A bit more story would have been appreciated but this might just be what someone else is looking for. 

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