Early Book Review: The Great Penguin Rescue: Saving the African Penguins by Sandra Markle

The Great Penguin Rescue: Saving the African Penguins by Sandra Markle is currently scheduled for release on September 1 2017. The most recent addition to Markle's books about animals at risk focuses on the African penguins, which waddle around nesting colonies in lower numbers than ever before. Despite South African government efforts to protect the penguin colonies and their ocean fish supply, young penguins still struggle to survive. Fuzzy chicks waiting for food in open nests may overheat in the sun or become prey. Others simply may not get enough food to survive on their own once their parents leave. But new conservation methods, including rescuing and hand-feeding vulnerable chicks, are giving experts hope. Can volunteers and scientists help save Africa's only penguins before it's too late? 
The Great Penguin Rescue is a well researched and written non fiction book for children. Markle has included full color photographs, information that is interesting and accessible, and opportunities for readers of all ages to continue their own research on the topic. I expected nothing less, following the other books of hers that I have read about creatures that are endangered around the world. I like that she shows has natural and man made problems effect the world, and these penguins in particular, but does not stop there. Readers also get a look at the steps that have been taken in order to help the population of the African Penguins grow and thrive, as well as things that are in the works for the future. I believe Markle strikes a good balance between bringing awareness to the serious problems people have had a hand in, and offering hope and encouragement for the future. 

The Great Penguin Rescue is a great read for any reader that loves animals, cares about the environment, or wants to learn more about efforts people are making to help endangered animals. I recommend checking out all of Markle's books, so do not stop here.

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