Book Review: Preying Game (Decorah Security) by Rebecca York

Preying Game is the fifteenth book in the Decorah Security series by Rebecca York. I have read only one other book in this series, Outlaw Justice, but find that the books can easily be read as stand alones and newcomers can catch up pretty quickly.
Jonah Ranger was restoring an antique 1955 Chevy when he heard a woman’s voice on the car radio pleading for help. She said her name was Alice Davenport, and a man was holding her captive, forcing her into a grueling workout routine so she’d be a proper challenge when he hunted her like big game on his private estate.  As they talked, her voice shifted from the radio to inside Jonah’s head. Born with telepathic abilities, he’d helped Decorah Security rescue kidnap victims, but never had he felt this personal connection to one of them. Calling on psychic resources he didn’t know he possessed, Jonah was able to project himself to Alice’s location, where he could hold her in his arms, touch her, kiss her, and plan. 

Preying Game is a mystery and romance with a twist. Alice is a prisoner, being forced to train and get in great shape so that her kidnapper can hunt her. Jonah works for a firm that hires people like him, those with an little extra skill. Jonah is on a mission to save Alice after hearing her pleas for help. I know that this kind of danger and connection make emotional and adrenaline run high, but I found how quickly they acted on attraction a little off putting- I mean really. A ghost-like guy that you are not even sure really exists shows up in your room and you make out?  Okay, sure. I liked the effort Jonah and his team put into planning and working toward finding Alice and saving her, and I liked that while Alice was trapped she still kept thinking and doing what she could to survive another day. Then, just when I think we are ready for the wrap up- lets make it more complicated and mess with time travel a bit more. I still expected one more twist, and thought the police run ins would amount to something more. Perhaps that was ground work for something that will pop up in the series later.

Preying Game is a nice romance with a paranormal twist. I found it to be a good weekend read, but never really connected with the characters or the story. So, a good but not great read. Fans of the author or series are likely to enjoy it more than I, but I was left unimpressed but I was interested during the actual read. 
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