Book Review: Between a Wolf and a Hard Place (Heart of the Wolf) by Terry Spear

Between a Wolf and a Hard Place is the twenty first book in the Heart of the Wolf series by Terry Spear. Alpha werewolf Brett Silver has an ulterior motive when he donates a prized family heirloom to the Silver Town hotel. Ellie MacTire owns the place with her sisters, and he's out to get her attention. Ellie is even more special than Brett knows. She's a wolf-shifter with a unique ability to commune with the dead. Ellie has been ostracized in the past, so she protects herself and those she loves by revealing nothing-not even when strange and dangerous things begin to happen in Silver Town. And especially not to the devastatingly handsome and generous wolf who's determined to win her over.

Between a Wolf and a Hard Place picks up pretty close after the 17th book in the series, A Silver Wolf Christmas, and continues the pairing of of the Silver brothers and the MacTire sisters. Along with the romance we get some ghostly mysteries and interfering families- all to be expected when you look at the series and the players involved. I liked Ellie's character, she is strong and independant, with out making foolish decisions. Brett was a nice guy, with the possessive attitude that comes with being an alpha wolf, but seems to be good at tamping it down when that is the smarter path. However, I have to admit hat I never really connected with him- feeling more like he was the expected character, with the expected personality, rather than a person in his own right. I cannot pinpoint anything that left me flat, but something just did not work for me. The same with the danger level- the majority of Spear's romance has some serious danger in store for one or both of the major players, I never really felt that here. I just was never on the edge of my seat. 

Between a Wolf and a Hard Place is a decent read, but I think I might be done with this series ( after I read the next two with I already have on my Kindle). The story is still a good read, but not as engaging and suspenseful as the first few I have read. With the amount of books I still want to read, this just might be one of the series I need to put aside.

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