Early Book Review: Life Lessons from Catass by Claude Combacau

Life Lessons from Catass by Claude Combacau is currently scheduled for release on July 4 2017. This is a book full of sassy, cat-themed coloring pages, mazes, and puzzles with directions like: “Put the pieces of the $3,000 vase Catsass just destroyed back together. Three odd pieces are parts of other ruined objects because you don’t deserve to have it easy.” Combacau’s “Catsass” cartoons about a mischief-making feline remind cat lovers and haters alike that cats are mostly self-serving creatures. Yes, your particular cat may be awesome and sweet, but this does not make up for the number of cats whose favorite activity is knocking stuff over.
Life Lessons from Catass is a collection of activities all featuring Catsass, who I will admit to having never heard of before, even though I thought I was current on my cartoon and internet cats. Catsass is a cat that is full of mischief and more than a little crass on occasion. I think Catsass shows all the aspects of cats that haters are quick to see and point out, and that cat lovers are aware of but try to ignore. I will admit to chuckling a time or two, and finding the activities to be cute and clever. However, I think it went on just a little too long. 
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