Book Review: Zoo Zen: A Yoga Story for Kids by Kristen Fischer, Susi Schaefer

Zoo Zen: A Yoga Story for Kids is a picturebook written by Kristen Fischer and illustrated by Susi Schaefer.  What could be more fun for kids than to hop like a frog, slither like a snake, and roar like a lion--all while learning an empowering, healthy life skill? This book is a pose-along adventure for young children, taking them on an adventure with Lyla as she learns ten yoga poses from her friends at the zoo, receiving helpful tips along the way from each animal she encounters. Rhyming and counting are used to make memorization easier, and fun. 
Zoo Zen: A Yoga Story for Kids is a simple and fun introduction to yoga poses for young readers. Those that are interested in yoga, and animals will enjoy the read. I thought it was well done, unfortunately it did not blow mew away as particularly better that the books and videos that I have seen doing similar things- although I found the illustrations charming and  the animal connection one that will speak strongly to some readers. 
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