Book Review: Torrain (Highland Clan) by Keira Montclair

Torrain is the second book in the Highland Clan series by Keira Montclair. The first book was Loki, but while readers of the series will have some more knowledge of the characters and clan relations, newcomers can still fully enjoy the read. 

Torrian Ramsay, future laird of the Ramsay clan, learned long ago not to take his family for granted. Without the love and devotion of his sire, he would never have survived the childhood illness that kept him abed for years. Now Torrian is a strapping lad, but one thing has not changed—he will still do aught in his power to make his sire proud. So when the King of the Scots asks him to enter into a betrothal with Davina Buchan, the daughter of a power-hungry laird, he feels he has no choice. Though Torrian is certain the lass’s family has hidden motives, his sire believes in following their king’s orders, and besides, the marriage will help keep peace in the Highlands. When Torrian meets Heather, a wild-haired lass who’s spent the past years living in nature with her wee daughter, he discovers that love has a power as strong as duty. To marry as his heart desires, Torrian must prove that the Buchans are not what they seem, but time is not on his side. He will need to rely on his family and friends to help him convince his sire—and his king—that he should be allowed to make his own match

Torrain is a complex romance. I was intrigued by the quick appearance Heather made in Loki, she was there from a split second, and I wanted to know her story which is why I bought this one. I enjoyed her character, she was strong and perfectly capable of fending for herself and is eager to learn more in order to improve her skills. If it were not for her daughter being ill she would never had come out from hiding (and would likely have never been in hiding to begin with). Although it seemed like the explanation of why she was hiding seemed to take forever to come out- and when it did it seemed to unnecessarily complicate the story with no real purpose. I liked that Torrian is self aware and not stuck in the self doubt that Loki was. He is intelligent and caring, and while dealing with obligations is not afraid to stand up for himself and those he cares for. I enjoyed the complex conflict, and the fact that smart and sassy young girls were the ones that ultimately saved the day. My only issue was that the conflicts got to be too much after awhile, and thought a resolution could have been reached without quite as many battles and twists.

Torrain is a compelling historical romance with more than enough conflict and danger to keep readers going. I liked the characters and think this is a perfect weekend read.
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