Book Review: A Horse Named Steve by Kelly Collier

A Horse Named Steve is a picturebook by Kelly Collier  about a horse named Steve who is a fine horse, but who longs to be more. When Steve finds a gold horn in the forest and attaches it to his head, ta-da! Exceptional! His friends are so impressed, they, too, attach objects to their own heads, in an effort to be as exceptional as Steve. So when Steve suddenly realizes his horn has gone missing, he’s devastated! He won’t be exceptional without his horn! Or will he?
A Horse Named Steve is a charming story about a horse wanting to be special, or more special than he already is. This is something everyone can relate to- especially young readers who are still trying to figure out just who they are. I like that Steve did learn the lesson that he is still special with or without the horn, but he still likes to have a special something. This shows him as not perfect, and more relatable to young readers, and makes the story more fun which will keep readers interested and entertain by the story after it is over. The illustrations are as fun and quirky as the story and made me love the book even more.

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