Book Review: Freckle Stars by Jackie Leduc

Freckle Stars by Jackie Leduc is a children's book about Clementine, who hated her freckles and that they made her different.  Other children poked fun at her in school, and she didn't want to be different. But one day, her mother teaches her an important life lesson she will never forget.

Freckle Stars is a cute story about a girl dealing with being bullied about looking different. She has red hair, fair skin, and freckles. Honestly, while I know some kids will tease others about anything- she is described to match exactly what I wanted to look like at that age, but I digress. I love that Clementine spoke her her mother about her bullying issue, and her concerns about being different. This is awesome and something we need to encourage our kids to do, share their problems and concerns with the adults in their lives. However, it is in the conversation she has with her mother that the book went sharply downhill for me. Instead of supporting her daughter's body image, how different is beautiful, or that everyone has a different version of beauty her mom goes to magic. Freckles are really stars, so you are special and your skin magic is her answer rather than addressing the bullies or her daughter's self esteem in a healthy way. Yes, it is a sweety, fun idea and young children would love the idea of stars hanging out on their skin. I just wish that the validated Clementines individual beauty rather than telling her she is special in a fairy tale way. 
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