Book Review: Face the Flames (Sugarland Blue) by Jo Davis

Face the Flames is the sixth book in the Sugarland Blue series by Jo Davis. I have not tread the previous books in the series, but was still able to fully enjoy the series. Those that have read the other books will likely get more out of the read just because of the prior knowledge about the characters that appear as secondary players in the story. 

A near-fatal accident left firefighter/paramedic Clay Montana with devastating injuries. Now, after a year-long recovery, Clay is focused on one thing: getting his body back to form, so he can return to the job he loves. And then a chance meeting with a fiery redhead changes his life.  Detective Melissa Ryan may be the new cop on the block, but she s no stranger to Sugarland. It is where she lived with her violent, criminal uncle a man she needs to see behind bars. But when she meets Clay at a crime scene, the down-but-far-from-out firefighter makes her rethink her priorities. Getting close to Clay is intoxicating, but Melissa must keep her wits about her if she s to protect them from a man with deadly intentions

Face the Flames is a small town, first responder romance. Clay is towards the end of his recovery after a serious accident that almost killed him and Melissa is a police office a little obsessed with busting the Uncle that runs a huge illegal moonshine operation. When they meet they instantly connect, and almost instantly start dating. I think the getting together was a little too easy, and while sometimes it really does work like that I felt like they never really talked about any issues or expectations they had about their relationship. They only focused on the external or danger related issues. I was a little bothered by a couple things- like how Clay's internal dialogue got all cave man when Melissa was hurt or in danger. She is an officer, it is going to happen- and pretty regularly, even though the circumstances at the time were a little out of the ordinary. I also got a a little frustrated with the lack of concern about Clay and his head injuries. I have known people that have been told to avoid alcohol and change jobs after receiving too many concussions- I would think that Clay would fall in that category by the end of the book. While I enjoyed the read, I was a little annoyed with how little the two discussed anything and how many twists put them in danger and the hospital. 

Face the Flames is a romance that seemed both too easy and too hard to me, but kept me happily reading and entertained for a summer weekend. I think fans of the series will consider this a must read, but those that want more character development might not want to start the series here. 
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