Early Book Review: Can You Find My Robot's Arm? by Chihiro Takeuchi

Can You Find My Robot's Arm? is a picturebook by Chihiro Takeuchi. It is currently scheduled for release on July 4 2017. This book is about a robot in search of his missing arm, in a paper-cut journey through home, garden, library, aquarium and the big city. He tries many objects that he finds in the world around him and discards them fairly quickly. Eventually he does settle on a replacement and discovers that it is not such a bad choice.
Can You Find My Robot's Arm? is a nice picturebook with well done paper-cut art work. The text is very simple, and the story allows for the reader to search each pages artwork for the robot's arm, and substitutions. I like the exploration of different possible arms, but was not blown away by the book. It was a good book, but not a great or stand out title. It is worth exploring for big robot fans, but I cannot picture it being requested for repeated reads. 

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