Book Review: Discovering Princeton: A Photographic Guide with Five Walking Tours by Wiebke Martens, Jennifer Jang

Discovering Princeton: A Photographic Guide with Five Walking Tours by Wiebke Martens and Jennifer Jang is a photographic guide featuring five fully illustrated walking tours of the charming New Jersey town with seventeenth-century roots and the renowned university at its core. It explores the heart of Princeton University as well as its more modern sections; downtown Princeton, including some of its oldest neighborhoods; and the campuses of Princeton Theological Seminary and the Institute for Advanced Study. Each walk highlights the town's rich history, varied architecture, and a multitude of local attractions, ranging from museums and theaters to parks and playgrounds. For those who want to roam a bit farther, a host of ideas for short outings and longer excursions in the greater Princeton area are included.
Discovering Princeton: A Photographic Guide with Five Walking Tours is a visual interesting and informative book about the history and features of Princeton and the surrounding area. The walking tour guides and information about how and why specific buildings came to be, and how things have changed over the years was interesting and well organized. I enjoyed the look at the school, its buildings. The full-page images paired with informative captions make this guidebook something that will appeal to locals, guests and the families of potential students or alumni.  I think the ideas for further excursions in the surrounding areas were particularly useful. The only downside is that much of the architecture and landscaping looks similar to other large universities- so as someone that has worked at or visited prestigious schools on a regular basis I found the images to be less interesting and unique than others that actually have a connection to Princeton. Too many colleges and universities have similar architecture, which means that the target audience for the book is very limited- but for those with a personal connection to Princeton and the area will certainly love it.
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