Book Review: The Vampire's Mail Order Bride (Nocturne Falls) by Kristen Painter

The Vampire's Mail Order Bride is the first book in the Nocturne Falls series by Kristen Painter. After seeing her maybe-mobster boss murder a guy, Delaney James assumes a new identity and pretends to be a mail order bride. What she doesn't know is her groom to be is a 400-year-old vampire. Hugh Ellingham lives in Nocturne Falls- a town where everyday is Halloween to bring in tourists- and where vampires, werewolves, witches, and other members of the supernatural community live and work. He may be a vampire, but he still  can be blackmailed  into this arranged meeting by her grandmother. His past means love is no longer an option. Except he never counted on Delaney and falling in love for real. Too bad both of them are keeping some mighty big secrets.

The Vampire's Mail Order Bride is a fun and enjoyable read. I liked the set up of the story- secrets and complications weighing over both Delaney and Hugh from the very beginning. I also liked that the majority of the secrets come to light nice and early- forcing our couple to actually talk to each other and figure out where everyone stands before things go too far. I found Hugh's hang ups to be fairly realistic, as much as a vampire's can be, and the inclusion of the mob related dangers added just enough suspense and action to mix things up nicely. I think Delaney's personality was my favorite part of the book-  she pulled no punches and faced ex-girlfriends, pushy grandmothers, and the introduction to the existence of the supernatural with aplomb- at least after a bit of an adjustment period. I enjoyed her antics and ability to stand up for herself regardless of who or what she faced. 

The Vampire's Mail Order Bride is a fast and fun read. I liked the premise and the characters, and spent an enjoyable weekend lost in Nocturne Falls. While I might not go hunting for the rest of the series, I will definitely pick them up if I run across them. 
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