Book Review: The Trouble by Daria Defore

The Trouble by Daria Defore is a contemporary romance.  Danny Kim is the frontman of a Seattle indie rock band. He's also struggling to graduate from college. After rudely hitting on a cute guy at one of his concerts, he gets in even deeper trouble when the guy proves to be the TA of his accounting class. Though Jiyoon clearly would prefer never to see Danny again, a rough breakup brings then unexpectedly together and a tentative friendship forms. But Danny can barely keep his band afloat and pass all his classes, never mind learn how to make time for what is rapidly becoming the most important person in his life.

The Trouble is a book that rang as realistic, showing the diverse characters facing common struggles, and I think it will be very appealing to the new adults that are currently facing some of the some issues. I mean specifically struggling with college, career, and figuring out who and what they want. I like that the characters were not what I normally see in my romance, not only is this a same sex romance but the main players are of Korean decent. What I really liked about the portrayal of all the characters is that all the little pieces of their lives, history, and personality are there- but none define them. Just like any well written character, you get a feel for the shape of the character and their world but no one or two traits defined them. I will admit that I had a couple moments with Danny when I just wanted to kick him and tell him to grow up, but the other characters in the book shared that urge, and it was part of Danny's journey in figuring out how to be an adult, and how to function in a relationship. I liked the interplay between Danny and Jiyoon- as well as the way Danny and his band interacted with each other and those outside of their circle. Again, having seen and been part oft he music scene, this felt very realistically done. 

The Trouble is a romance that realistically portrays the struggles that the characters would face in their circumstances.  I enjoyed the story and think it was very well done.
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