Book Review: Lunarbaboon: The Daily Life of Parenthood by Christopher Grady

Lunarbaboon: The Daily Life of Parenthood is a collection of comics from  Christopher Grady that explores the daily family life with Lunarbaboon. The comics show life's everyday parenting moments from the perspective of a 30-something dad together with the laid back Mom, wild child Moishe, baby Matilda, and their cat.  Moods of the art range from the hilarious (defeating closet monsters with a “stun” blaster that offers surprising facts about bears, Mars, and cats) to the sweet (the gray scale-to color transition out of depression at the touch of a loved one).

Lunarbaboon: The Daily Life of Parenthood is a collection that hit all the right notes with me. I love the online version of this comic, and found the collection to be just as enjoyable, even though I had seen some of them before. I like that Grady includes the funny and enjoyable moments of parenthood along side the sad, frustrating, and sweet moments. The honest and slightly jaded look at life is one I can relate to, and lose myself in. I enjoy the perspective and the combination of humor and more serious emotions. I think that parents from a variety of backgrounds and situations will see something that reflects the daily moments in their lives. The only downfall is that I had seen some of the comics before, my only change would be for more new art, but I am sure that more will come our way in time. 
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