Book Review: Her True Match (X-Ops) by Paige Tyler

Her True Match is the sixth book in the X-Ops series by Paige Tyler. I do not recommend starting the series here, it is too dependent on the previous stories in character building and in the larger story arch with is getting very interesting, but is complex.

Feline shifter Dreya Clark picks the wrong penthouse to rob and ends up arrested by sexy detective Braden Hayes. But Braden isn’t the only one who’s been watching the cat burglar. Agents from the Department of Covert Operations swoop in to offer her a deal. If she wants to stay out of jail, she’ll have to work with them—and pair up with the hot cop. Braden isn’t thrilled about the DCO meddling in his investigation. He’s been chasing Dreya for years. Thrown together on a dangerous covert mission, fur flies and temperatures flare. But when danger closes in on them, their game of cat and mouse turns deadly-serious, and they’ll have to rely on each other to make it out alive.

Her True Match is a fast and fun romance. Like many series, this runs into the pitfall of being dependent on previous books in the series in order to fully understand the characters, and the complexity of the organization and mythos of shifters in this particular author's world. However, that being said, fans of the series have been waiting to see of what awaited Braden and Dreya, we knew they would be back. The story also involves many favorites from previous books and ties together some threads that had been dangling for a bit. The larger story arch about the hybrids, and who is loyal to who, blows up in this one- and if you were not already fully engaged in the story keeping track of who was who would be  useless. I did enjoy the story, although I felt like it was a little too easy for Braden and Dreya- although in the next few books I think we'll see much more about the dangers to everyone in the series- not just the couple of the moment.

Her True Match is a good addition to this series. I felt like the romance portion was a little too easy, almost like it was filler to get the larger story arch moving to where it needed to go. However, I think this will be a must read for fans of the series, because it was a game changer.
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