Book Review: Foreverafter: An Odd Adventure (Crash Landers) by KJ. Quint

Foreverafter: An Odd Adventure, Part One: Crash Landers is a middle grade read by KJ. Quint. Audrey (she prefers Odd) lives in a perpetual state of boredom. She tries to keep busy with small jobs around town and by listening to stories of adventure from a boy in the travelling circus—her only friend Kite. But Odd has always had one thought in her head: I want to go on my own adventure. It appears that Odd's wish finally comes true as a flying island appears over the town and whisks Audrey and Kite away to a far-off place, into a forest of the magical Nightlands where mystic creatures and magical folk roam. It’s up to Audrey and Kite to learn how to master the strange workings of this new world in order to find their way home.
Foreverafter is a fun and interesting read. I liked the world and character building- and think that our main characters and their very distinct personalities is what will capture the attention of readers. Kite is a member of a travelling circus, with a unique skill set and way of talking his way around trouble. Odd (or Audrey) has more skills than Kite knows, but has a way of making plans that create a special kind of chaos.  Their adventures, interaction, and quarreling make their friendship something special and great fun to watch. Their adventure is unique and enjoyable, and I think that fans of fantasy and adventure will agree. 

My only real issue with the book is that it is too obviously part one. I have a special dislike for books that end just as the book is getting really interesting, or the most important plot twist that will affect the characters for the rest of their story has been revealed. I get the point of a cliff hanger, and I understand the need to bring readers back, but I just feel like the book got its momentum and just stopped. It did not feel like a cliff hanger, but rather like the next chapter was missing. Yes, the immediate crisis was adverted and tensions are raised perfectly for a cliff hanger- but then that extra little bit was there making me feel like this part of the story was unfinished. 
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