Book Review: Justice Calling (The Twenty-Sided Sorceress) by Annie Bellet

Justice Calling is the first book in The Twenty-Sided Sorceress series by Annie Bellet. Jade Crow lives a quiet life running her comic book and game store in Wylde, Idaho. After twenty-five years fleeing from a powerful sorcerer who wants to eat her heart and take her powers, quiet suits her just fine. Surrounded by friends who are even less human than she is, Jade figures she’s finally safe. As long as she doesn’t use her magic. When dark powers threaten her friends’ lives, a sexy shape-shifter enforcer shows up. He’s the shifter world’s judge, jury, and executioner rolled into one, and he thinks Jade is to blame. To clear her name, save her friends, and stop the villain, she’ll have to use her wits and her sorceress powers. Except Jade knows that as soon as she does, a far deadlier nemesis awaits. 

Justice Calling caught my attention right away. I liked that Jade is not the traditional heroine, never mind the traditional magic user. She has build her own nerdy paradise, and hides her magical nature in an effort to keep it. When Alek shows up she is worried about what his hunt, and the danger that is heading towards her friends. I understood her fear and reluctance- and her determination to protect the people she cares about. I liked the world building and mythology surrounding Jade, although I would have liked more details and backstory about the birth and chosen family that has shaped her life. The tidbits readers are given are very cool, but I wanted more. I hope that is part of the following books. I liked her problem solving efforts to solve the mystery, and how hard she works to keep her humanity while protecting other. I also liked that while Jade's attraction to Alek is very clear in the book, that possibility has nothing to do with the larger story- and nothing happens relationship wise until the immediate danger has been addressed. I enjoyed the writing style and the story, and I greatly look forward to seeing where the series goes from here. 

Justice Calling is an entertaining and enjoyable read. I will be checking out the next book in the series, hopefully I will get the backstory I want so badly. 
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