Early Book Review: How to do Homework Without Throwing Up by Trevor Romain

How to do Homework Without Throwing Up by Trevor Romain is a children’s non fiction book that is currently scheduled for release on April 1 2017. Homework isn’t going anywhere, and kids need to learn to do it. This updated classic provides specific tips for starting, doing, and finishing homework—and maybe even laughing while they learn. Kids will also learn how to make a homework schedule, when to do the hardest homework (first!), the benefits of doing homework, and more—serious suggestions delivered with wit and humor because laughter makes learning fun. Refreshed to address modern distractions like the Internet and electronic devices, this updated classic (with hilarious full-color illustrations) helps kids see that they can handle their homework and emphasizes how terrific it feels when they finish.
How to do Homework Without Throwing Up is a simply written book that tries to get young readers to understand that while doing homework is not fun, it is necessary and fighting it only makes things worse. The ideas, suggestions, and tools that the book offers are all pretty simple to implement- setting up a routine and having a snack being among my personal favorites. The illustrations are fun and emphasizes the ideas that the text is trying to get across. This could be helpful for families struggling with big homework battles. However, I found that the text includes things that would only be relevant to older students, while seeming to be aimed at a younger audience. It felt a bit like those skits that school kids are forced to sit through in school assemblies- where the points being made are good but the delivery is a little to corny to really stick with the target audience.
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