Early Book Review: Amazing Crafty Cat by Charise Mericle Harper

Amazing Crafty Cat is the first book in the Crafty Cat series by Charise Mericle Harper. It is currently scheduled for release on April 11 2017. Sometimes school can be scary and even embarrassing, but not today. Today is Birdie’s birthday, and everything will be perfect! Birdie's panda-riffic cupcakes are beautiful, and there’s one for everyone. She will be the star of the class. A trip and fall on the way to school means no more cupcakes! Who can save the day? Who can make the class smile again? This is a job for Birdie’s alter ego, the Amazing Crafty Cat! After a quick transformation, Birdie is ready. She’s not afraid of sticky paws or paper cuts. She’s not afraid of anything, even Anya, the class bully. It’s time to get crafting!

Amazing Crafty Cat is fun and cute and offers readers a look at a character with loads of imagination and determination. I liked the story, and thought the illustrations were cute. I could relate to Birdie's getting lost in crafting, overdoing things, and wanting things to be perfect. As life often goes, rarely do things run the way we envision- which Birdie learns and copes with well. I really liked the craft ideas, and the included instructions.  However, as a whole, I just was not blown away. The book will certainly be a hit with some readers, and I can think of several that would read repeatedly- it just disd not strick that chord with me.

Amazing Crafty Cat is a fun and creative start to a new easy reader series. I think my favorite part was the instruction on how to do the crafts that Birdie/Crafty Cat does in the story. This would make for good reading and crafting with your favorite young reader.
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