Early Book Review: Strong is the New Pretty: A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves by Kate T Parker

Strong is the New Pretty: A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves by Kate T Parker is a book of photography that is currently scheduled for release on March 7 2017. It is a celebration of strong girls being 100% themselves in 175 gorgeous photographs. The images show girls being strong in every way, being fearless, being silly, being wild, stubborn, and proud. 
Strong is the New Pretty is a wonderful collection of photographs and text. The text is made up of quotes from girls and women about their lives, particularly moments when they had to stand up for themselves and be themselves in the face of other people's expectations. The combination of words and wonderful photographs had me tearing up within the first ten pages. It inspired me to be more of what I want than what other people expect, and to encourage the girls and women in my life to do the same. I hope to show my daughter that being yourself is beautiful, regardless of who that might be, and what pursuits that includes.

Strong is the New Pretty is a perfect gift for anyone that thinks that being true to yourself and following their dreams is beautiful. While it will move many girls and women that have the chance to read it, I think anyone that loves another trapped by the gender or other social expectations of the world will appreciate the message and gain something from taking the take to look and read.
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