Book Review: A Very Jaguar Christmas (Heart of the Jaguar) by Terry Spear

A Very Jaguar Christmas is the fifth book in the Heart of the Jaguar series by Terry Spear. While you do not need to read the books in order, reading the other books by Spear in the series will give you a good idea of the characters and world before diving in head first. Even though you really do not need to read all the books in order, I have enjoyed everything I have read by Spear and if you like one then going back to fill in the blanks or pick up one of her other series will new no chore

As a protector of all jaguar-kind, Guardian agent Demetria MacFarlane isn’t surprised to get a call near Christmas—but when she’s sent to protect a cub whose species she didn’t even know existed, her holiday season gets complicated. And it doesn’t help that her partner is a distraction of the hottest kind.Hotshot JAG agent Everett Anderson can handle dangerous poachers and wildlife traffickers, no problem…but kids? Everett fears he’ll be stuck cub-sitting under the Christmas tree, but working with one sexy Guardian she-cat may be the best present he’s ever gotten.

A Very Jaguar Christmas has characters that are feeling with loss and a hard job, shifter special ops, but have put off a conversation for far too long. They have been tossed together. On a welfare mission, and then in taking care of a werewolf cub, when they had no idea that other kinds of shifters even existed. Since there is significant backstory between the par some of the romance seems to go vey fast- but I like that they actually talk things out and discuss feelings rather than just attraction. Spear is good at that, but it always makes me happy when a paranormal romance steps back from the insta love or lust and lets the couple find their way together. Some of it seemed too easy, I am not sure why, but while I loved the story and the characters there was not the danger and drama factor that is normally part of this series. It was good, but I missed that element of suspense. 

A Very Jaguar Christmas is a sweet story and a fun read. I liked the characters and their connection- as well as connection this book made to bridge the gap between Spear's different series. I am very interested to see where the world she has created goes now that things are now connected.     
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