Book Review: Miles McHale, Tattletale by Christine C. Jones, Elina Ellis

Miles McHale, Tattletale is a picturebook written by Christine C. Jones and illustrated by Elina Ellis.Miles McHale is a tattletale. And everybody knows it. But he's not the only one who needs help, so his teacher decides: it's time to fight the Tattle Battle! But will Miles figure out the right time to tell a grown-up about another person's behavior, or is he doomed to be a tattletale forever?

Miles McHale, Tattletale is a good look at tattling for young children. Miles tattles about everything- but he is not the only one. If you have a child that tattle- at home or in the classroom, you know how quickly this can become an issue. I thought the teacher's attempt to curtail the problem and teach when telling an adult about another's activities is well done. The book shows the struggles even the smartest children can have in drawing the line between being helpful and being a tattle tale, it is a process breaking the habit and learning when to cross that line. In fact, there are some adults out in the world that have not seemed to grasp the concept yet. The teacher's rule, the patience shown, and the lesson learned are very well done and the art work is well matched to the story. i liked the bright and somehow sweet illustrations

Miles McHale, Tattletale is a cute picturebook that could be helpful in school and home environments to help teach this lesson. It would read well in a preschool or kindergarten storytime. 
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