Book Review: Catology: Inside the Twisted Mind of Our Feline Friends by Adrian Searle, Oliver Ninis

Catology: Inside the Twisted Mind of our Feline Friends by Adrian Searle and Oliver Ninis is a collection of over eighty cartoons that give readers a glimpse into the minds of their feline companions. Just what is your cat thinking? As it gazes up at you, are those eyes filled with love and admiration or spite and scorn? From the author of the award-winning 101 Uses of a Dead Kindle and If Dogs Could Swear comes a hilarious insight into the twisted, venal, self-serving psychology of our cutest four-legged sociopaths. Catology is a psychiatrist's view of your moggy; a brilliant, unforgettable and twisted look at the many bizarre, ridiculous and instantly recognizable scenarios in which cat owners find their beloved pets every day.
Catology: Inside the Twisted Mind of our Feline Friends is a fun and cute collection of cartoons. Some were funnier than others, and some will speak to particular readers more than others. The artwork is done in black and white line drawings, and like the humor some are more appealing than others. I enjoyed the read, some of the cartoons made me chuckle, but others had me shaking my head and moving on to the next page. Occasionally I found the artwork to be less skillful or complete than on other pages. This might be a good gift for some cat lovers, but this cat fan was only mildly amused rather than laughing out loud, which is what I was hoping for.
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