Book Review: Pedro 'n’ Pip: A Rock 'n' Roll Odyssey for Eco-Kids by Taylor Barton

Pedro 'n’ Pip: A Rock 'n' Roll Odyssey for Eco-Kids is a unique children's book by Taylor Barton. Pedro ‘n’ Pip is a raucous, uplifting rock 'n' roll odyssey about a tenacious ten-year-old girl, named Pip, and a ‘rockoctopus’, Pedro, who she meets while scuba diving after an oil spill in the Gulf. Together, they forge a powerful friendship and unite sea creatures and landlubbers alike to help clean up our waters for the good of all. A blend of colorful illustrations, easy-to-understand messages and an embedded musical score of more than a dozen original songs performed by a cast of award-winning musicians, including the legendary GE Smith, Robbie Wyckoff, (voice on Phineas and Ferb) Ella Moffly, Christine Ohlman, The Persuasions, David Broza and Jillette Johnson.
Pedro 'n’ Pip: A Rock 'n' Roll Odyssey for Eco-Kids is an interesting story- one that music fans, ecologically concerned children, and amateur marine biologists will understand and appreciate the most. Pip is a young girl with a vivid imagination and love of nature. When her father's company is involved in an oil spill her mission to help clean up is born- which lead her to the singing octopus Pedro. Yes, the story is strange, very much so, I do not mind that, and in some cases really appreciated it. I feel the same way about the inclusion of song lyrics. Sometimes this works, but I felt like the combination of both in the same book made it a little too unfocused. I just could not get lost in the story. Every time I would start to get into the flow another crazy event of song would pop up and I would lose the flow of the story. The adult is the story seemed to be fairly realistic at times, but more often than not completely unlikable. Pip's father had me upset with him in the very beginning, and I never really got over that- even when he was doing better.
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