Book Review: Charlaine Harris’ Grave Surprise (Harper Connelly) by Charlaine Harris, Royal McGraw, Ilias Kyriazis

Charlaine Harris’ Grave Surprise is the second graphic novel in the Harper Connelly series written by Charlaine Harris and illustrated by Royal McGraw and Ilias Kyriazis. I have read the entire original book series, but I did not read the first graphic novel in the series, Grave Sight. Thankfully I already know the story so I did not have to play catch up. I do suggest readying this series in order, regardless of format.

Harper Connelly, a psychic capable of finding dead people and reading their last thoughts, discovers a grave in Memphis with two bodies: a man centuries dead, and a girl recently deceased. How the two bodies ended up together would be perplexing enough... but the sudden appearance of a third body the next morning makes this a mystery that perhaps even Connelly can't solve!

Charlaine Harris’ Grave Surprise follows the story of the novel, and the artwork is well done. If you are reading these stories for the first time in graphic novel format, then please do read them in order. There are some things that build up that really should be explored the way they were intended. If like me, you are revisiting the stories, I found myself second guessing my memory as to the solution of the mystery. I was right, but the twists and turns were enough to make me wonder if I was misremembering even though there are no story changes. Well done.

If you have already read the books and have a firm personal vision of the characters you might have the issues I did. While the characters are drawn to match the book descriptions I found it a little angular for my taste. It was all very well done, and there was plenty of detail. I am just not a big fan of the sharper lines that were used. They fit- it is just a conflict in personal taste rather than anything done wrong.  Charlaine Harris’ Grave Surprise is a nice reminder of the book, and I enjoyed revisiting the story. 

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