Early Book Review: Dreaming of Mocha by An Swerts, Eline van Lindenhuizen

Dreaming of Mocha is a picture book written by An Swerts and illustrated by Eline van Lindenhuizen. It is currently scheduled for release on November 15 2016. Florence wants a dog, any dog. A dog to take care of, to run with, and to play with. One day there’s a little dog in Florence’s garden. “Mocha” it says on his collar. Mocha and Florence become the best of friends. But then Mocha’s owner is suddenly at the door. And he is a very nice man. What will Florence do now?

Dreaming of Mocha is a wonderful little book with illustrations that will capture the interest and attention of readers while connecting them to the story of Florence. I like that children, and adults, can understand Florence's desire for a dog and the depth of which she wants one. The discovery of the escaped Mocha and the lessons Florence needs to learn about responsibilities, friendship, and doing the right thing are handled with a perfect balance of fun and sweetness. Florence's escapades of trying to keep Mocha hidden are great fun, and made me glad not to be the one cleaning up the dirty paw prints when all was said and done. My favorite part of the book is the lesson that not always getting what you want is not a tragedy, but might lead to different good things, like unexpected friendships.

Dreaming of Mocha is a funny, sweet, and entertaining picture book that will likely become a repeat request from many animal loving youngsters.
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