Book Review: River Bear (Blue Bear Rescue) by Terra Wolf

River Bear is the second book in the Blue Bear Rescue series by Terra Wolf. I have not read the first book, but feel like I did not miss too much.

Polar Bear Shifter Jake has always wanted a real family. People to love and care about him, nothing like his foster father who saw him as nothing more than a punching bag. He testified against the monster and put him away for good, or so he thought. Delilah is an orphan, she knows the struggle of being alone all too well, but when she meets Jake suddenly she has everything she ever wanted. Until someone threatens to take it all away. Jake has to defend his mate against his one true enemy. His own family. But will he be able to keep her safe, when he has to defeat his own demons as well? 

River Bear is an enjoyable, quick read. Delilah comes to the small town with the promise of investigating a case for a group of shifters, who have always fascinated her. She needs the money, and when she sees Jake she needs to work extra hard to keep her rule of no dating on the case. She is smart, determined, and self reliant- which always drives an overprotective were-bear crazy. She is fascinated by the job, and her partner while she hunts for the people behind the complaints and problems the rescue crew has been facing. Jake is worried when he sees Delilah, because of a vision a friend had of someone matching her description dying by his hands. he wants to protect her,. wants to keep her close, but also wants her at a safe distance so that the vision cannot come true- a combination that is not really possible. I like that the pair actually talk to each other, and share past traumas and issues that might effect them in the long run. While the romance wraps up a little too neatly at the end, that is not unexpected in paranormal romance involving shifters that include any mention of mates.

River Bear is a fast and fun story. I did think the final wrap up a little too neat and tidy, I still enjoyed the read and will be looking at other books from the author. 
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