Book Review: Pirates in the Library by Nadia Ali, Jake Tebbits

Pirates in the Library is a picture book written by by Nadia Ali, and illustrated by Jake Tebbits. Prepare to set sail for the adventure of a lifetime with fierce Captain Jake when he discovers a treasure map that leads him, his crew (and a parrot, too), right to the library. Ms. Benitez, the librarian, welcomes them, as long as they behave! The pirates’ search is on! Soon they discover, with the aid of Dread Pirate Dewey’s map, treasures galore on the shelves. Now the dilemma: Can they keep these treasures? Ms. Benitez has the answer.

Pirates in the Library is a fun adventure that starts with pirates searching for treasure, but includes the rules and organization of most public and school libraries. Ms. Benitez is rather like most librarian that i know, wanting to encourage people to come and use the library, and to feel comfortable there. we want people to be able to find and use our resources- otherwise why have them? I like that the treasure is the contents of the library- and that even pirates used to plundering agree to return the materials they take in order to have access to even more treasures. I also like that the book includes a guide to the Dewey Decimal System. The chart would be helpful for many that want to browse the non fiction collection of any library using the system. A valuable and inviting learning tool for parents, teachers, and librarians. 
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