Book Review: Light (Lost) by Rob Cham

Light is the first graphic novel in the Lost series by Rob Cham. This is a wordless graphic novel about a backpack wearing adventurer on a quest. As they go on their way we discover what they are searching for on their quest and encounter a variety of different creatures and situations. The artwork is mostly in black and white with the occasional burst of color.

Light is different from the majority of graphic novels I have read, mainly because it is wordless. That being said the artwork is very eye catching and detailed. since a large portion of the story takes place in caves and underground, it makes sense that the majority of the artwork is in black and white, which makes the occasional burst of color that much more important and attention grabbing. I will admit that I occasionally had to really study a page to figure out exactly what I was supposed to be getting from it. however, I think this was more from the noise and chaos in my house when I was trying to enjoy the book than anything to do with the book.

Light is a well done graphic novel that requires the full attention of the reader. I enjoyed the story, and can think of readers from many age groups that would enjoy the story. people that enjoy Bone and similar graphic novels are likely to really enjoy this story and artwork. 

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