Book Review: 3 of a Kind (Knightley & Son) by Rohan Gavin

3 of a Kind is the third book in the Knightley & Son series of middle grade novels by Rohan Gavin. This is a series that should be read in order, especially since the conflicts of this story are directly related to the previous mysteries.  Darkus Knightley is used to expecting the unexpected. An extraordinary solver of crimes, with immense powers of deduction, and regularly found bedecked in tweed, Darkus is anything but the average 13-year-old. But he is the person to call when strange goings-on are afoot! Despite trying to leave his detective ways behind to lead a normal teenage life, when his father's loyal housekeeper, Bogna, goes missing, Darkus must return to the family fold and follow the clues to America and the bright lights of Las Vegas. Alongside his father, Alan, and stepsister, Tilly, Darkus must once again face the deadly criminal organization the Combination and this time, all bets are off. With danger at every turn, Knightley and Son will need an ace or two up their sleeves in order to win this game.

3 of a Kind is full of mystery and character development. Darkus is not really interested in the family business after what happened in K-9, but is drawn into another mystery after the well being of other people is at stake. There is plenty of drama between Darkus, his father, and Tilly. There is also some other character conflicts, like those surrounding Clive and Bogna. The big mystery is as complex and dangerous as the other books, but it seemed a little over the top and more confusing.  I still enjoyed the characters and the wit inherent in the story, like in the previous book. It just seemed to be a little more, intangible maybe? I liked the inclusion of Tilly's technical skills and some of the twists. There was a lot of wonderful, I just did not connect with the story as much as I expected to.

3 of a Kind is a interesting read and left me with a balance of closure and open curiosity of what might be coming next. A good, solid read, but not quite as good as the first two installments in the series. 
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