Early Book Review: Happy Mamas by Kathleen T. Pelley, Ruth E Harper

Happy Mamas is a picture book written by Kathleen T. Pelley and illustrated by Ruth E Harper. It is currently scheduled for release on October 10 2016. This book is intended as a read aloud that pays tribute to mothering in the animal and human kingdoms. It depicts activities that bring joy to a mama and her baby over the course of a day: feeding her little ones, teaching  playing peek-a- boo; watching her little ones fly from the nest; singing a serenade to the man in the moon; or crooning owly lullabies through the deep dark woods. But as the moon glows and the stars shine, what is it that makes all mamas - from desert to jungle, from forest to field, from land to sea, happiest by far? 

Happy Mamas is a sweet book, combining the things that make parents happy regardless of species. Feeding their children, playing with them, teaching them things they need to know, and snuggling at bedtime. I felt like some off the text felt a little forced, and while the story all worked it did not impress me.Some of the illustrations were beautiful and charming, and I like that the humans included were not all generic caucasians, I felt like some of the detail work was less than I expected. None of it was bad, it just did not wow me. I have seen so many picture books, good and bad, and while this might fit the bill for occasional bedtime reading I do not think it will be a requested read or one that parents will have to read over and over.  
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