Early Book Review: The Fairy’s Assistant by Sasha L. Miller

The Fairy’s Assistant by Sasha L. Miller is currently scheduled for release on November 2 1016. Hayden typically enjoys his life, he gets to travel, he has a fairy in his pocket, and he helps her bring happiness to people who would otherwise go overlooked and continue suffering. The only problem is that magic is illegal and there's a certain stubborn, handsome knight determined to prove that Hayden deserves to be locked up. Between dodging the stubborn knight and the odious nobles he's currently working for, helping his fairy get a woman to a ball is going to be more difficult than their missions usually are.

The Fairy’s Assistant is a fun twist on the Cinderella style fairy tale. It started a little slow for me, but quickly captured and held my interest. Hayden is an all-around good guy. He is not afraid of hard work, does his best to stay out of trouble, and does everything he can to help the fairy Lily help others- even though he cannot understand a word she says. Sir Sydney, a very determined knight of the realm is on his trail in search of illegal magic users. Hayden gets a sable hand job in order to assist Lily's plan to help a woman named Renee find happiness. Everything is more than it seems, and so are the characters. I liked the personalities and depth of the characters, and the way that the romances happened very naturally, and if I was unaware of the LGBTQ label on the description I might have guessed the final pairings of differently. The major wins here were the complexity of the plot twists and the well written characters. The one thing I think I was missing was some world building. I wanted a little bit more information about the why's of magic being illegal and so on. However, the story over rode those issues enough that I was still a happy reader.

The Fairy’s Assistant is a wonderful novel, that I enjoyed more than I was expecting after a slow start. I am inspired to read more by the author, and hope that this world is revisited in other books they have either already written or that are yet to come. miller has a new fan. 
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