Book Review: Kudzu for Christmas by Emilie Eklin Khair

Kudzu for Christmas is a picturebook by Emilie Eklin Khair.  The Kudzu game was created during a long drive to school, but now everyone wants to play. Join Sam and Andy and the rest of the gang as they search for cool creatures, friendly beasts, and even their favorite pets in the twisted Kudzu vines. And when winter weather takes the green away, maybe the crazy creatures YOU find will end up hiding in your OWN Christmas tree!

Kudzu for Christmas is an interesting picture book. Kudzu is a vine that is very invasive and grows quickly. While the vines climb trees, utility poles, and buildings they create shapes and shadows that can frighten, or become part of shape finding games. When the winter months come the vines disappear from the normal spots and are missed by those that have included the vines in their games and routines. However, their mother has saves some of the greens and created Christmas ornaments to continue the games in the tree. A sweet and interesting story, but one that I think children that have the vine, or a similar one, in their area will understand most. It was a good story, with artwork to match, but I think it was just okay. 
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