Early Book Review: The Storybook Knight by Helen and Thomas Doherty

The Storybook Knight by Helen and Thomas Doherty  is a picturebook that is currently scheduled for release on October 1 2016. Even though Leo would rather sit at home and read, his parents send him out into the world to deal with a dragon, in the hopes that Leo will become a famous knight. During his journey Leo comes up against the land’s most fearsome beasts, he soon discovers that scary monsters enjoy a good book as much as he does and finds his own path to victory.

The Storybook Knight is a fun story about the power of a good story, and the wonder of reading. Leo loves reading, and would rather get lost in his books than do anything else. I can relate, and so can me kids. We would all much rather relax with a good book than go out and face the real world. What I really like about this book is that when Leo does face the world he gets to share his love of reading, and talk about stories and books with those that he meets. He does not just get to have a mental adventure, he gets to share his adventure with others, which makes it even better. Perhaps this book will not only encourage a love a books and reading, but also help get us book lovers up and sharing our favorite stories with each other!

The Storybook Knight is a wonderful story that just happens to also encourage a love a reading, books, and storytelling. A winner all around as far as I am concerned.
Helen and Thomas Docherty are the husband-and-wife author and illustrator team behind the award-winning children's picture book, The Snatchabook. They live in Bristol, England, with their two daughters. For more information, visit, thomasdocherty.co.uk. 
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