Early Book Review: The Night the Stars Went Out by Suz Hughs

The Night the Stars Went Out by Suz Hughs is a picturebook that is currently scheduled for release on October 1 2016. Alien is the star controller for the entire galaxy, which was a big job for a very little alien. He is so busy polishing the stars that he has no time for fun or friends. One night something disastrous happens, and Alien faces the biggest problem of his life. Will Alien be able to fix the stars?
The Night the Stars Went Out is a bright and boldly colored picturebook, which fits the story and characters perfectly. Alien is dedicated to his job, he has no friends or fun because he spends all his time polishing the stars. However, one night all the stars go out despite all his hard work. The only solution is some special star polish that is only available on Earth. Once there Alien has a few surprises, like the fact that he floats on Earth and making friends with a boy. I like that it is in finding a friend, and discoving the fun and importance of friendship, is what actually restore the stars. The adventures the fiends have, and the way the keep in touch, keep the heart of the story strong. 

The Night the Stars Went Out is a delightfully fun book about making friends, and making time for fun. While doing our duty and meeting our responsibilities is important, it is also important to take time out to enjoy life.

About the Author: Suz Hughes’s work has been published in a number of books. She studied art and design with a main focus in children’s illustration, which has served her well. Suz likes to mix imagination with everyday life in her work, hoping to make her readers smile. Suz grew up in Wales and currently lives in Manchester.
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