Early Book Review: Isabella Girl in Charge by Jennifer Fosberry

Isabella Girl in Charge is a picture book (and more) by Jennifer Fosberry. It is currently scheduled for release on October 4 2016. A big event has Isabella ready to leave home at the crack of dawn, but that’s a motion her parents are not likely to pass. After a two-to-one vote, it’s decided that some things need to happen before Isabella can leave the house, like eating breakfast and brushing her teeth! If her house is going to work like a democracy, Isabella knows what she has to do; call an assembly and campaign her way out the door! Isabella celebrates the women who were first to hold public offices. And if Isabella can get her parents out the door, she might just witness the first woman voted into the highest position of all.
Isabella Girl in Charge is a fun and informative book. As Isabella tries to get out to attend a grand event with her parents she changes names and imagined identities to take on the roles of some of the most important women in history. At the end of the book each of those women and their accomplishments are described in detail. In the end the family does get to their destination, to see a woman elected president (no, she looks nothing like Hillary or Jill). I like that while democracy and women breaking barriers is covered, were are no political lines drawn in the sand. It is not about policy or issues, but the fact that women are perfectly capable to doing such difficult jobs.

Isabella Girl in Charge is a great way to encourage girls to shoot for the stars, and to remind them that women can do anything. I really thought the information on the variety of women that are covered in the book was a crucial and interesting part of the book. Reading about women that decided the odds to be the first governor, mayor, and the like might just inspire a young reader to do something amazing. 
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