Early Book Review: The Fox Who Ate Books by Franziska Bierman

The Fox Who Ate Books is a picturebook by Franziska Bierman which is currently scheduled for release on October 11 2016. Meet Mr. Fox, who loves books so much that every time he finishes one, he eats it! His appetite drives him to seek more and more books, until one day, he discovers the local library, where he can “devour” books to his heart’s content. Eventually, the librarian catches him “sampling” from the collection and bans him from the library. Down on his luck, the crafty Mr. Fox must find other ways to satisfy his cravings. However, his attempt to rob the local bookstore ends badly. Mr. Fox lands in jail, where he discovers a surprising way to satisfy his literary cravings (and become rich and famous).

The Fox Who Ate Books is a funny look at how much people can love reading. While the fox who literally devours his books takes it a bit too far, I can understand the desire to collect and not return books that strike you as special. However, I have never licked, bitten, or otherwise ingested any reading material, though I might have sniffed an old book or two in my day. I really like how the fox turns his love of words into something bigger and better than just devouring books, he shares the words inside him by writing them down for others to devour. Every writer I know started as a reader, and I think this a fun story that might encourage some children to attempt to read more, I think it will have a bigger impact on those who already love books and reading by encouraging them to write some stories of their own. 
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