Book Review: The Book Blogger Platform by Barb Drozdowich

The Book Blogger Platform by Barb Drozdowich is a resource for bloggers that want to share their love of books, and their thoughts on the books they read.  Are you a book blogger or do you want to be one? Are you having trouble handling the technical details of blogging? The Book Blogger Platform can be a "user manual" for your blog! A book written by a book blogger for book bloggers and that answers all your questions! 

The Book Blogger Platform covers the basics off book blogging, complete with technical advice and over 25 how-to videos that are included at the end. The book covers everything you could need, including a breakdown of why many bloggers get started, how or where you can host your blog, what you should include in your blog, and the importance of networking with other bloggers (my shortcoming).  The information was clear and well organized, and the technical instructions were concise and understandable to beginners and seasoned veterans. I am glad I read the book because it reminded me that I had some updating and twerking to do, and that I had been seriously slacking in the social aspect of blogging. 

The Book Blogger Platform is a good guide for beginning bloggers. I will say that some of the links are no longer useful, because of blog catalogs or groups having disbanded or changing names, but as a general rule this book would be handy for those starting out, and for reminding those of us that have been at it awhile to keep updating and evolving with technology and our lives. 
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