Early Book Review: Lucy and Company by Marianne Dubuc

Lucy and Company is a picturebook (or perhaps an early chapter book) by Marianne Dubuc which is scheduled for release on September 6 2016. This book features three, short, cozy stories features a little girl named Lucy and her four animal friends. The critters include Marcel the mouse, Henry the rabbit, Dot the turtle and Adrian the snail. (Anton the bear also makes two surprise appearances!) The friends share snacks on a picnic, celebrate a special birthday with a treasure hunt and find a new home for some lost baby chicks. Told with sweet humor and simple language, each of the bite-size stories contains its own complete adventure, with an unexpected twist at the end!

Lucy and Company is a sweet and simply pleasing series of stories about the small moments shared by a group of friends. The artwork is soft and subtle, resembling the works from the Winnie The Pooh series with it's birds eye view perspective. the friends and their adventures are fun and sweet, and the text is simple enough for the younger readers o follow, but not so basic to bore the more advanced readers. I liked that the social lessons that children need to understand before pre-school and kindergarten are expressed in a charming and understandable manner, getting the ideas of sharing and friendship across without making the readers feel like they are being taught.

Lucy and Company is a great book for story times or young readers that are ready to transition from picturebooks and basic easy readers to early chapterbooks and harder, more complicated, easy readers. It would work well for either story time sharing or independent exploration.
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