Book Review: Lug: Blast From the Past by David Zeltser

Lug: Blast From the Past by David Seltzer was first published in October of 2015, but its reprint is being released by a new publisher on September 1 2016. This is the second book in a series, the first was Lug: Dawn of the Ice Age. You can quickly pick up the general idea and characters without having read the first, but I think they read better as a series than as stand alones. 

After saving their clans from saber-toothed tigers, Lug and his friends now face an even deadlier foe: a giant and strangely fast-moving glacier from the north that threatens to crush their villages. But how do you stop a force of nature? As Lug, Echo, and Stony investigate, they meet a mysterious boy named Blast. Although Blast appears to have a plan to save everyone, Lug suspects this kid isn't as cool as he seems.

Lug: Blast From the Past is a fun, quick paced story that is about facing your fears, trusting yourself, and trusting in your friends. Lug has been more than a little skittish around animals since the incident with the tigers in the first book, and does not want his friends and family to think he is a coward because of it. He is desperate to prove himself, and when a glacier and Blast appear he is worried about more than the fate of his village. More crazy characters, escapes, and Lug coming to terms with his fears and worry about his friendships keeps the book moving along quickly. However, the book is not all serious, there is plenty of humor and fun as well.

Lug: Blast From the Past is a great read for fans of the first book, particularly transitional readers that are just starting to get comfortable with chapter books. The black and white drawings through out the book add some extra personality and fun to the story, and capture the attention of young readers that might be losing focus.
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