Book Review: Joss (Gray Wolf Security # 3) by Glenna Sinclair

Joss is the third book in the Gray Wolf Security series by Glenna Sinclair. This is the only book in the series I have read, but was able to enjoy it without having read the others. I think reading the series as a whole would give a better understanding of some of the characters, but does not directly effect the enjoyment of each book on its own. 

She doesn’t talk. How the hell am I supposed to trust the life of my child to a woman who won’t talk? I’m paying thousands of dollars to Gray Wolf Security to protect my child from potential kidnappers, and they give me this emotionally broken woman who won’t speak. Not only that, but she’s so tiny she couldn’t hurt a fly. Well, okay, so she knocked me to the ground. But I’m not a drug lord with a loaded pistol pointed at an innocent child. Just because she’s beautiful and she has these curves that I can’t seem to get out of my mind doesn’t mean that I’m okay with this situation.

Joss is a book that takes two wounded adults and tosses them together under trying circumstances. Imperfect characters facing their own issues and each others while coming together to find a happy ending makes for a fun read. Carrington is facing threats to his daughter because of his refusal to take part in illegal dealings. He is desperate to protect her, but is unsure that the willingly mute, and petite, bodyguard is the right fit for his needs. the attraction between the two makes things more complicated- of course. Joss has lost a husband and child, and protects herself through her silence- and avoiding contact with children. That is all thrown out the window when she is assigned this job. I liked that each of these main character has dealt with loss and pain and found a way to keep going. While they each have some serious issue to work through, there is also Carrington's daughter McKelty to worry about and plenty of real danger to face. The danger is real, and comes along more than once with almost consistently high levels of suspense.

Joss is a heavy action and entertaining read. There are shoot outs, running, and some struggle to deal with beyond the emotional and intellectual wounds. While not the very best contemporary romance with suspense that I have read, it was still an entertaining read for a weekend.
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