Book Review: Jordan’s Return by Samantha Chase

Jordan’s Return by Samantha Chase is a contemporary romance about healing and second chances. A summer on the Virginia coast is exactly what Jordan Manning needs to regroup and recover from a near-fatal accident at the hands of her abusive ex-husband. Wanting only to spend time bonding with her two sons and come up with a direction for their future, Jordan’s perfectly crafted plan is turned upside down when she runs in to Rob Tyler, the first man who ever broke her heart. He was content with his life; at least that’s what Rob had been telling himself until seeing Jordan again. Spending time with her and her boys has Rob re-evaluating his life. Making up for his past mistakes won’t be easy, but the chance of having Jordan back in his life makes him want to try.

Jordan’s Return is a story of second chances. Jordan has escaped an abusive marriage, even though even that was not her decision. However, she is looking for a fresh start and to do what is best for her two sons, who are the focus of her life, and her future. Rob is doing well for himself and thinks he is content, until he sees his first love, and the woman he regrets his mistakes with in his small town. The attraction and emotion between the two still lingers, and Rob is more than willing to rekindle the romance. Jordan is still nursing her wounds (quite literally) and is a little reluctant to jump into anything. Stubborn minds, pride, and lack of listening cause more problems than anything else. I liked the characters, but did not really get invested in the story. I liked the read, but never really connected with the characters, except for maybe each of the main character’s extended family. All the elements of a solid contemporary romance were there- it just did not speak to me, and thats okay.

Jordan’s Return is a sweet romance with characters facing issue and complications partially of their own making. I liked the secondary characters almost more than the main players, but found the story to be solid and worth a read for fans of Chase and contemporary romance. 
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