Book Review: The Toothless Fairy by Timothy Jordan

The Toothless Fairy is a picture book by Timothy Jordan. Every parent knows the problem – Halloween is over, but the issue of how to handle too much candy has just begun. The question of what to do with an excess of sweets each November 1 provided the inspiration for the book. Conceived by Skeeter Buck and written by Timothy Jordan, the story allows parents and caregivers to explore with their children feelings of being different, the importance of friendship, how to share and care, and even how to create a new family tradition, all while reveling in the magic of Halloween.
The Toothless Fairy is a picture book that might be useful to parents trying to get rid of Halloween candy that might be overflowing in their home, by introducing a new tradition. I was distracted by the formatting issues that were part of my digital galley (which I assume were fixed before the final release). I was not overly fond of the artwork, it looked like the cgi cartoons that drive me crazy, but that is my personal preference rather than anything that might bother other readers. I read through the book a few times, and thought the intent and ideas were good. I was just not a fan of the execution. Others might be more willing to add another mystical creature and tradition to their home, and this could be the perfect book for them, it just did nothing for me.
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